Support & guidance

for your journey.


Pregnancy and birth are life altering journey. 


As a woman, mother, and doula I am convinced that women are powerful and have a strong intuition about what is best for them, their babies, and their families. It is my passion to support mothers and their families as they make the journey through pregnancy and birth with care, compassion, and unbiased nonjudgmental support.  


Support and guidance for your journey. 

My name is Britni Sisco CBD (CBI) and I am a St. Louis, Missouri based birth doula and I believe all women should have access to support that empowers and equips them to have a voice in the care they receive and deserve during the journey of pregnancy and birth.

As a birth doula, I provide you with knowledge, guidance, and physical and emotional support as you navigate your journey of pregnancy and birth. My role is to support whatever plans you have for your birth. I also have knowledge in cloth diapering, baby wearing, and aromatherapy experince. The first consultation is always free, please visit the Next Steps & Pricing page for more information! Or check out my About page to learn more about me!